You have finally decided to join millions of other single folks looking for love online. 

Everyone is doing it with great success, so congratulations on taking the first step!

Perhaps your current profile isn't garnering attention, likes, winks or messages.  You'd like to change it up, make it more appealing, give it some depth, get rid of common adjectives or cliches' and give it a makeover that will attract the people you WANT to meet!


If you are like most people, the idea of writing a profile is one of the most daunting and unpleasant aspects of online dating.  

  • How will you capture your essence in just a few paragraphs without sounding too cliche'?

  • What will you write that is unique and will make your profile stand out among other profiles?

  • What will you write to capture the attention of intelligent and desirable dating prospects?

  • How will you describe your ideal partner?

  • What will you write to get the attention of the best looking singles?

  • What can you say in your profile that will lead you to finding the love you desire?

  • How will you attract the people you WANT to meet?

Having a well written profile is CRUCIAL to attracting high quality individuals, who like yourself, are dating purposefully and are committed to finding love!  And yes,  people DO read profiles and studies have shown that having a well written and unique profile gets more attention than those with "average" profiles.

At Next Level Date Assist, we offer a complete profile makeover which includes:

  • Photo review/selection.

  • A unique profile about you and your ideal partner using a detailed questionnaire and a 30-minute phone consultation.

The cost for this service is $99.00

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