I have had many assistants in my professional life, but a dating assistant?  At first, I was reluctant but hiring a dating coach was on my 2019 goal list anyway, so.. why not?  Alyse was recommended by a good friend of mine who was previously coached by her.  He was so impressed by the way she herself conducts her life that he knew she was the right coach for him.   My friend generally does his research and knows his stuff, so I trust his advice.   

Since February 2019, Alyse has been my dating assistant.   She wrote me a compelling and interesting profile for Match.com based on interview questions and was able to capture the true essence of who I am and the partner I am seeking.   I was connected with women who like me, are interested in serious, monogamous relationships.  She did all the “assisting” and I did all the “dating.”  It was perfect. 

I found that she is savvy in her approach and it felt as if she was a natural extension of me.  I was connected to women who were classy, respectful and had integrity.  This is a nice way to say:  NO CRAZY WOMEN!  Pre-Alyse, I felt as if dating was a waste of time and found that I wasn’t excited about it, therefore, decided to be a NON-DATER!   Have you ever been in the middle of a date and thought:  what am I doing here, I could be finishing up that project or spending time the boys?   Yeah, me too.  I was choosing the wrong women with the wrong intentions with bad attitudes.  Post-Alyse, it’s all about quality dates!     We are still searching for my ideal partner in life, and I couldn’t be more pleased (and relieved) to have Alyse as my assistant!

Gerrard D.

Pasadena, CA

Thank you Alyse for helping me jump start and motivate me to start online dating. I was very nervous, anxious and doubtful with all the horror stories you hear about online dating. I was looking for serious relationships and I wanted to attract and get to know like-minded men, ones that were looking for something substantial and not a quick fling.


First, you motivated and inspired me to go for it which was a big hurdle for me. It really helped to know that I was not alone in this venture. That I had someone in my corner cheering me on, giving me feedback on potential suitors and writing a profile that got such a positive and overwhelming response by men. I received so many compliments on my profile and you really got who I am when you wrote it for me. So many men told me they were profoundly moved, inspired by my words. Your help, guidance and support even after my profile was up helped me in many ways including how to communicate with men via messaging, looking for red flags based on what their profile and messages to me and most of all, the emotional support you gave me.


Alyse, you made online dating process fun, attainable and most importantly, a success! Thank you so much for your incredible service. Highly recommend it for everyone, men and women alike!!      

Josie R. 

Chatsworth, CA

Alyse has so many positive characteristics, I do not know from where to even begin. She is personal, charming, understanding, witty, intelligent, and clever. She knows how to listen and she also knows how to asks meaningful questions; I had for first time in my life to dig deep in my soul, a process that was not easy but that helped me tremendously overcome many of my dating shortcomings in just several session with her. For many years I have visited many of her professional likes but she was the only one that helped me immensely and I am wholeheartedly recommending her to anyone who has personal and dating issues.

Gabriel G.

Encino, CA

Alyse is in full alignment with her mission and purpose and I am so grateful we got to cross paths and work together. I had been struggling to take the steps necessary to look for my life partner, even though I was seriously committed to finding her. Working with Alyse changed that! 


We focused on the specifics of what I was looking for, while also keeping an open mind and not falling into "the type". It was nothing short of transformational. Above her ability to understand the process and make it fun and simple, is her ability to understand (almost without words) exactly who you are looking for. Simply put, she just gets it! I can't say enough great things about Alyse.

Matt D.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Alyse knows what she is doing. I was having issues in my dating life, not knowing what I was doing wrong or right. Alyse not only helped me deal with a bad breakup but she was there for me like no other. She gave me solid advice for my next relationship and we would have weekly discussions which lead to self relevations. I am happy to say I met the man of my dreams and we are now happily married. A lot of this has to do with Alyse's guidance. I love this woman!

Angie B.

Simi Valley, CA